Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tangle Teezer

I've seen a few reviews on this brush but didn't really believe the hype.  I have very thick, long wavy hair that knots way to easily.  I've tried a few different combs and brushes but none of them seem to really make that much of a difference, but after using this I am converted!! 
The first couple of times using this it was easier to get the knots out but not amazing, but after a week my hair was completely different, it doesn't knot as easily and it seems silkier.  Even when tackling the worst of knots that you just want to cut out it makes the job so much easier and doesn't feel like it's just snapping the hair like other brushes I've tried have.

I bought this one from Boots for £10.99 and it is definitely worth the money!!

Primark haul


Im not afraid to admit that primark scares me!  Especially on a weekend or school holiday! But I do love their homeware and accessories so I decided to brave the crazy and just keep thinking happy thoughts.  I love primark hauls because they give you a little idea of what you can get in there as they don't have an online shop.  I bought quite a bit over two trips for myself but a lot of what I bought will be going to friends as lil extra birthday gifts.  

I spent less than £46 on everything!! Which is ridiculous!  I had to restrain myself a bit, or a lot 
because I wanted pretty much everything, but anyway this is what I bought.  The cushion in the 
above photo was only £3! And it's so soft, I might have to buy a few more.

Cream and gold 2 pocket makeup bag - £3
Pink glitter makeup bag - £2
Pink floral pig makeup bag - £3

3 hearts -£1.50
Pink floral butterfly - £1.50
Love heart - £2

Some perfect beauty table accessories ...

Beautiful canvas - £ 2.50
4 pack nail files - £1
Small pattern draws - £5

2 baskets - £8

This little bag is perfect for a night out, the strap is the perfect length, the rose gold colour chain attaching the strap to the bag dresses the piece up just enough making it perfect for any outfit...

Small cream bag - £8

10 hangers in pink and pale pink - £3.80
Door hangers - £2
Gold sequin shower cap - £2

This paper is surprisingly good quality each roll is 3-5 meters so definitely worth the money!...

Wrapping paper each - £1

Everything that I bought was full price and such good quality!  Do you have a favourite item? What's you must buy from Primark? Let me know


Monday, 17 November 2014

Christmas tag!!

So it's that time of year again!! And what better way to kick it off than with the Christmas tag, if you read this then I tag you to to do it aswell!

1 - What is your Favourite Christmas Movie(s)?
Miricale on 34th Street and many others!  I will literally watch anything Christmas based this time of year. ( I will be doing a post on my top 10 Christmas films soon)

2 - Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas Day!! On Christmas Eve we put all the presents under the tree, Hollywood film style, so I don't want to spoil the look too soon!!

3 - Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
When I was 8 my parents wrote a thank you letter to my brother and myself form Santa for the mince pie and milk complete with plenty of glitter.  We were so excited!! Then we noticed a trail of glitter leading out of the living room to the bathroom.  My parents had even put glitter on the toilet seat!! We felt so special that Santa had actually used our toilet!!

4 - Favourite festive food?
Mince pies!! But I don't let myself have them until the 1st of December,  once I start it's a slippery slope!

5 - Favourite Christmas Gift?
Anything that's a surprise!  I'm so easy to please that I've loved everything I've ever had.

6 - Favrouite Christmas scent?
I love a bit of cinnamon, give me a cinnamon candle and I'm happy for the Christmas season.

7 - Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
As a child we had to put the mince pies, carrot and milk out for Santa, now it's put on new pjs, pop a Christmas film on and get to bed!!  Don't want to stay up to late just incase Santas real!

8 - What tops your tree?
We have a angel that had been on top our tree for as long as I can remember, we've had to blue tac her head together a few times but it just wouldn't be Christmas without her.

9 - As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you asked for but never received?
I never asked for anything crazy, it was always my brother with the crazy list to Santa!  As soon as we were told to write our letters he would get the Argos catalogue out, writing everything he wanted including the price and product code to make sure Santa got the right one! This year is a bit of an extravagant ask for a new camera, I've not picked it yet so any suggestions are more than welcome!  

10 - What's the best part about Christmas for you?
A day off work!! But this year I have a 'new' little brother so me and my 'original' little brother get to do Christmas with all the over the top trimmings and of couse a visit to Santa!!

So there you go that's my Christmas tag!  As I said I tag you all! Let me know in gte comments if you've done it so I can have a read.  

Happy Christmas season everyone!

Winter warmer nails

So this time of year a lot of blog posts on nail colours are on deep reds and purples, but unfortunately 
with my pale colouring I look like I'm preparing for halloween.  So here are my winter warmer picks ...

Urban purple and Raspberry may look like pretty much the same colour, so your probably wondering why I would put both if these in this post?  Urban purple is a much warmer tone on the nail, and the brush is amazing!! It goes on so easily and one coat is all you need, while Rasberry is a cooler tone, with a thinner brush but I love both the same!
301 is a matte nails colour from Topshop.  I'm not usually a fan of orange nail varnish but with it being matte it's just perfect especially for this time of year.
My final winter warmer pick is another Topshop one, Powder.  I bought this at the beginning of summer but seems I've only just fallen in love with it! It's a really soft pink but with flecks of silver that give your nails a festive sparkle.
I'm always on the look out for new colours to try, do you have a favourite colour? Let me know!

Winter ice nails

While many of you are reaching for the beautiful plum colours that are so popular right now how about a different take on our winter nails?  These are my six winter ice favourites, now wishing for snow will only get any of us so far but with these colours we can all have a lil bit of snow and icy sparkle this winter.

Barry M - Pure Turquoise 
Nails inc - Cambridge Terrace 
Topshop - Beleza 
Maxfactor - Prussian Blue
Barry M - Cobalt Blue
Barry M - Blue Moon 

I can't seem to go wrong with a Barry M nail colours they always go on so well and last!!  And with the amount of colours they have you will always find the right colour for every occasion.
Some metallic colours can go on a big patchy and take a ridiculous amount of coats to look just ok, but Cambridge terrace from nails inc is amazing, it's the one I always recommend if someone is looking for a beautiful silver.
I love the little Maxfactor nail varnishes!  Their just so so cute!!
And last but not least is a Topshop glitter varnish in Beleza, you get so much glitter on your nail without having to add layer after layer, it's perfect over all of these other colours to add a little extra sparkle or simply on its own.

I'm always on the lookout for new colours, if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments!

Sleek palette looks

So, here as promised are some looks using the Sleek Au Natural palette that I bought a few weeks ago.  I've used this everyday and have worked out a few of the issues I found in the first week with some of the colours, and now they are all pretty amazing on.

As I said in my palette review they are not the most pigmented shadows I've ever used but with a little patience and the right brush they blend really well.  Some of the darker colours (with the exception of Noir, build this colour up or you look like your getting ready for Halloween) can be patchy when applied using the applicator in the palette but I have be using a eye shadow brush from h&m only £1.99 that has worked brilliantly.  It's very similar to the e.l.f blending brush but it is a bit fluffier so it dusts the eye a bit more, meaning when you build the colour up it doesn't end up patchy.  If any of you do decide to go out and purchase this palette or any of the the others in the range do keep in mind the price, it is only £7.99 so it isn't going to be out doing your Urban Decay naked palettes anytime soon, but it is a really good palette and the price is a bonus.

- sorry about the picture quality, I had to take them on my ipad.

These are my go to work/lunch looks (obviously not at the same time), I don't often use eyeshadow during the day but these are the two looks I tend to go for. On the left I have only used Taupe and on the right I have used a base of Nubuck, Bark in the crease, a light dusting of Taupe over the whole eyelid and a small amount of Mineral Earth over the crease colour. You can see it better below -

The next is a look a tend to go for if I'm going out to dinner or something like that. I've used a heavy layer of Taupe with Moss in the crease, I would normally wear eye liner with this look but only a subtle brown -

The final look is one that goes with pretty much everything, for this I've used Cappuccino as a base, Moss in the crease with Toast over to lighten the colour, this is a really good colour for this time of year -

All of these looks took under a minuite to do, I don't usually use just one palette in a look but I wanted to show what this palette can do.  Hope you liked this post, have any of you done reviews on this palette or others in the range? Let me know!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

One lovely blog award!

So I was nominated for the one lovely blog award - thank you to http://littlewhiteroad.blogspot.com
Check out her blog it's got a bit of everything!

The rules for the One Lovely Blog Award are:

1. Name and thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to there blog 

2. Share seven things about yourself 

3. Nominate fifteen or so other bloggers 

Seven facts about me:

1. I hate tea but love to buy cute tea cups.

2. I love Tortilla - spanish omelette.  As soon as I touch down in spain I find a cafe and get me some tortilla!! It never comes out the same when I make it at home.

3. I graduated in Fine Art and think I actually know less about art now than I did when I started.

4. I make it my mission to find Vogue in every country I go to, whether I understand anything in it or not, it's always full of pretty pictures anyway.

5. I love a game of bingo on a Sunday night and I am not ashamed.

6. I love to travel and will one day be living in Spain, hopefully Palma, need to practice my spanish a bit more before then though.

7. As much as I love design and fashion my favourite job has been as a recreation assistant, basically a lifeguard but with a lot of cleaning. 

Ok so these are the blogs I am nominating, I love all of these blogs!  You should definitely check them out.  

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